Aging and Changing

I have some friends and relatives who are quite a bit older than myself.  We all live in the Southern United States.  Some of these older friends and relatives are making some choices that astound me.  As I have gotten older, I realize from time to time, that I cannot do some of the things […]

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Back in the Saddle

It has been quite some time since I have blogged.  Thank you to all my friends who have followed me and kept in touch with Twitter and Facebook.  At the end of September I became very sick with bronchitis and fluid in my lungs.  That knocked me down for a few weeks.  Then, I got […]

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I have a cousin, a wonderful, talented girl.  She doesn’t have to have a regular job, but earns a little money playing music from time to time.  She recently typed a post that stated that people lived well and had good times in the Great Depression.  Her grandparents’ – if they were still living – […]

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Reduced Efficiency

I am now old.  60 years old.  By the time a person gets to this stage in life they have seen how things got to where they are now, if they have a functioning brain.  I have seen many changes in health care.  I have been a Registered Nurse 31 years, and a Certified Registered […]

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Living in the Past

I have a cousin, a wonderful musician and human in general, who is fixated on the Civil War.  He has had a Confederate soldier uniform, and participated in Civil War reenactments with others.  The Civil War was a terrible chapter in American history.  600,000 Americans died.  2/3 from infections acquired from minor injuries.  This is […]

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Human Faults, Some

I recently got married, for the 3rd time, to a wonderful woman.  We combined our households, to a small extent.  My new wife has boxes of belongings in the garage which she thinks she might need at some point in the future.  We recently gave away a few things to a young woman who is […]

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American Circus

Even though the next presidential election is more than a year away, we are inundated with political candidates already.  I wish someone would keep track of how many millions of dollars will be spent until election day.  It’s hard to keep track of exactly how many candidates there are presently.  I think there are 17 […]

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