Count Change

It has been a few months since my last blog.  I have taken a long vacation from work and have been out of state.  I am a very lucky man to be able to do such a thing.  Many people in this country only get a couple weeks a year of vacation time.  My present job provides 13 weeks a year of paid time off.  This is unusual in the Anesthesia profession.  I am a very lucky man.

I have a couple of very dear friends who live nearby and work at the same Hospital I do.  I am the Libertarian of the group.  One of my dear friends considers himself a liberal, and the other one thinks America should copy the most Socialist of the European countries.  This means that I believe that Federal Government should back way off and allow citizens to fend for themselves to promote creativity, ingenuity, self-reliance and self esteem.  My furthest left leaning friend, who is a very intelligent and spiritual man, believes that Federal Government should proscribe as much of a citizens life as possible from cradle to grave, so that America will have a system that is as fair as possible to all citizens.  My other friend’s beliefs lie somewhere between our 2 diametrically opposed views of the function of government in Americans lives.

Though we have vastly different political and government viewpoints, one thing does not change.  We all have a great respect and love of one another.  None of the three of us will ever have an important roll in affecting our country’s political direction – except for our vote.  We are far too busy trying to earn a living and support our families to have time to go protest with others of like minds, like we see on television all the time.  All 3 of us are highly educated, highly skilled health care professionals.  Our means of earning a living consumes the vast majority of our awake time.  The rest of our awake time is devoted to spending quality time with our spouses and family members.

None of us has the time to go spend days carrying a sign and marching in protest.  None of us knows anyone who does have this kind of time.  Only students who are supported by their parents or people who are wealthy and don’t have to work have the time for this type of activity.  Neither of these 2 groups will share many views with regular, working people.  More likely than not, they will be promoting the views of the fringe elements of our society.  Mainstream American desires and views will be lost in the confusion and noise generated by these vocal minorities.

This trend is nowhere more evident than in our public education system. For decades our Federal Government has dug itself further and further into the education of our children.  The results of this trend is mixed, to say the least.  Look at how well our Federal Government has taken care of the American Indian.  It has nearly succeeded in completely killing them off.  For 2 generations now, young people cannot count change and have to rely on the cash register to tell them how much money to give back to the customer.

Want to entertain yourself, ask a young person to give you change.


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