American Lemmings

It is very interesting to watch the race for the presidency on television.  Most Americans think that the country is in mess these days.  How did we get here?  By voting for professional politicians to lead the country, again and again.  This election season is notable because there are 3 Republican candidates who are not professional politicians.  They are Trump, Fiorina, and Carson.  Carly Fiorina has already quit, but hopes to canvas for Republicans.  Cruz, Rubio and the others are long time members of the political establishment; the exact people who created the quagmire we now find ourselves in.  Most Americans find politics repulsive and don’t care to have anything to do with it.  The remaining 15-20% elect our leaders.  The result is that the same type of people get elected to office, over and over.  The end result is that the only people getting any political representation are the people paying the lobbyists who support the politicians and steer their activities.

In America today, the regular working man has taxation without representation, and gets screwed over time and time again.  The majority of people in this country are sick and tired of getting screwed over by our elected leaders, but they are so busy trying to scratch out a living that they have little time or energy to devote to politics.  This is why Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls  and elections thus far.  He has given a voice, a loud voice, to the anger and frustration of the common man.  He has not voiced any specific plan to deal with the problems he talks about, but probably has enough sense and connections to consult knowledgeable  people who would develop the policies needed to deal with America’s problems.

The quiet man who has actually thought about and developed plans to deal with America’s problems is Ben Carson.  He is rarely seen on network television, mostly because he does not promote an agenda which would benefit the owners of the networks or the people who fund the lobbyists.  His number one concern is the American people, all the American people.  He will not be the puppet of the people paying the lobbyists.  He has proposed many common sense solutions to our present problems, including term limits for elected leaders.  Politics was never meant to be a permanent career.  People on television never ask how it is possible that the 2 Clintons, who have spent their whole lives in politics, could possibly amass a personal wealth of $200 million, and possess 4 homes worth over $32 million.  It just doesn’t add up.

Ben Carson has greater intelligence and more life experience (in medicine and the corporate world) than almost anyone alive today.  The Clintons have done next to nothing to benefit the American people, but have done much to benefit themselves.  It is amazing that they court the very people whom they have repressed with the policies they have supported.  It is even more amazing that large numbers of these repressed people have and will vote for them just because they are Democrats and very smooth talkers.  These people are like doomed lemmings.

The only person still running for President of the United States this year who is not cut from the same cloth that created the multitude of problems we presently endure is Ben Carson.  Thank God he is effectively using social media to get his message out.  Many of us do want to be doomed lemmings.  Many of us are well educated and are thirsty for a positive change in this country.  Thank God our country’s founders gave us a means to change our lot in this world.  We do not want same old same old, therefore we should not support and vote for same old same.  We need a change, and we can cause that change with our support and votes.  I still believe we have something special in America, the only country on earth with Democracy and free enterprise.  God Bless us all.


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