American Problem

There is a major problem in America today.  It is manifested in the 2 generations that follow the baby boomer generation in young people being completely disconnected from the country in which they live.  Young people today, who can vote, are interested in only 2 things – pleasure and entertainment.  All other concerns pose no interest for young people today.

The vast number of young people who cannot name the Vice President of their own country is shocking.  The net effect of this disinterest in the workings of their own country has had a devastating effect on the election of our country’s leaders.  Looking at the news today on television and online, it quickly becomes apparent that only thieves and liars are in control of our country.  Back in the 1960s, the rock band The Who had a hit song, We Won’t Get fooled again.  After living a few decades, it has become painfully apparent the we will get fooled again, over and over.  We fall for the same lies every election cycle, plied by candidates who say one thing to get themselves elected and then do the exact opposite once they are in office.  In fact, one could catalog a list of these lies quite easily and use them over and over, because the American people seem to be quite willing to believe them over and over, when we should have sense to know better.

We have had leadership by lawyers for decades now, who have the ability to make a shit sandwich sound like an ice cream sundae.  The result is that our country has been run into the ground, and has begun to fail badly.  This country of ours, America, is an experiment that has been going on for 240 years now.  Never in the past 4,000 years of world history has free enterprise and Democracy been attempted by any country.  For many generations now, the American people have not had to struggle daily for mere survival.  We have become quite complacent as a people.

In the business world, if you do not take care of your business, it will get away from you and fall apart.  The same is true for our country.  Throughout the past 4,000 years of world history, governments and countries have gained great power and achievements.  But, they all fade away over time.  Our country will fall apart and fade away in time, if neglected enough for long enough.  I find this a sad thought.  I love my country and would love to see it continue as a model for human effort.  I hope this missive will reach other citizens, concerned with our country’s future, who will network and spread information via this marvelous internet so that knowledge and truth can spread like the sunshine when the morning sun rises.  God bless us all.


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