My Imagination

I love the holidays.  The days from Thanksgiving on through New Years Day.  The food alone here in the South is reason enough to love these days of fall and winter.  There is so little daylight (less than 10 hours per day) that a psychological condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD – has been coined to  apply to the increased depression some people feel during these days.  Watching the news on television can make many very depressed.  The conflict in the Middle East, poor economy, mass shootings, and endless political wrangling could dampen anyones positive attitude.  Why then, do I love the holidays?

The American people are the most generous people on the planet.  We adopt more of the world’s orphans than all the other countries on earth combined.  In our country there are food pantries, clothing pantries and shelters for those without.  Most other countries do not provide nearly as many basic necessities or extras for those with nothing.  How they came to have nothing needs to be investigated and addressed as well, because it would be much better for all to catch this earlier, rather than later.

During the holidays people seem to think of others a little bit more.  People seem to be a little kinder this time of year.  Some Americans take their children to soup kitchens to help feed the poor.  Americans on a tight budget will reach into their pockets and find some change to throw into the red buckets of the Salvation Army.  We help gather Toys for Tots and winter coats for those in need.  There seems to be a heightened impulse to give to others and share one’s blessings in an already charitable people.  Kindness seems to be rampant and contagious this time of year.  People seem to smile more this time of year.  Most people seem to be happier this time of year.  Naaaw, its probably just my imagination.


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