American Circus

Even though the next presidential election is more than a year away, we are inundated with political candidates already.  I wish someone would keep track of how many millions of dollars will be spent until election day.  It’s hard to keep track of exactly how many candidates there are presently.  I think there are 17 Republican and 4 Democrat candidates right this second.  But that could change next week.  REALLY!!!  Why would more than 20 people work like maniacs for more than a year to become President of the United States??

Can they all be so delusional that they think that they alone have the answers to America’s problems?  Do they each think that they alone can lead America in a positive direction in the future? Having lived 6 decades now, and observed this cycle of events many times,  I tend to think that each of these candidates is out to get something for themselves out of the deal.  It is nearly impossible for me to believe that they are all altruistic, spiritual people, who are willing to throw every ounce of their being into working for what is right for America.  And, every one of the 21 candidates would have to think that they alone have the answers to America’s problems.

This is hard for me to believe.  In fact, it is impossible for me to believe.  Decades ago, a rock band named The Who had a hit song called “We Won’t Get Fooled Again.”  But we Americans do get fooled again.  Over and over. Apparently we Americans fall for the same lies over and over again.  Over the decades, I have seen the same lies told by political candidates over and over.  There is always another generation coming along, willing to fall for the same old bag of lies.  And, there are many Americans who just can’t help falling for the same old bag of lies.

A person could Google presidential candidates speeches over the past 100 years and distill a collection of one or two dozen lies (which have been claimed repeatedly) which the voting population are willing to buy into on a regular basis.  Are we doomed to fall for the same rhetoric over and over?  Can we not help ourselves?  Can we not learn from the past and not repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Also, there is a certain personality type that gravitates to wanting to rule over others.  Only a certain type of person finds politics an attractive activity.  The vast majority of people find politics repulsive.  But there is a very small percentage of people who find politics irresistible.  This same personality type can always be found either running for political office or occupying political office.

Perhaps as humans, we are destined by our personality defects.  We cannot break out of old patterns of behavior or beliefs.  We are doomed to repeat history over and over.

Nawww, that can’t be true.  But the media political circus is captivating. Isn’t it?


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